Saturday, June 16, 2012

Louis Opens Museum

Yesterday, Prince Louis inaugurated the Museum for Luxembourgish Aviation in Mondorf-les-Bains. Sadly for us, he didn't bring his lovely wife or his adorable sons with him, though looking at the pictures over at Wort, I can spy other familiar faces: Louis' uncles Prince Jean and Prince Guillaume were also present for the opening of the new museum.

You might wonder why we see Prince Louis out and about attending an event in Luxembourg on his own while we usually only get to see him at events the whole family (or at least most of them) attend. Having studied Aeronautics and Aeronautical Management while he lived in the United States, Louis is the patron of the Luxembourgish Aeronautic Federation. He also has a private pilot certificate, meaning that Louis can actually fly a plane.

Source: Wort, CGD


  1. I know the Cour website mention Louis was studying aeronatutics while he and his family were in Florida, but, what did Tessy studied or is currently studying?

  2. As far as I know she is currently studying International Relations, I'm not sure though what she studied while in Florida. It might be possible that she took courses to get a high school diploma which would enable her to attend university. She only graduated from lycée technique (it has a focus on technical education leading towards specific professions) in Luxembourg and the diploma you get there doesn't enable you to go to university.

  3. Tessy took the ACT exam. Her scores on this exam and her technical diploma would have allowed her to attend nearly any US university. The university system is different in the US. Many universities will admit you even without a high school diploma if you pass an "ability to benefit" exam like the ACT. However, the first two years of university is largely prescribed courses in general education. She may not have even started with any major specific classes until she arrived in Europe.