Monday, April 1, 2013

Pro-Life in Brussels

Recently on March 24th, Archduchess Kathleen, the American-born daughter-in-law of Princess Marie-Astrid, participated in the 4th Annual March for Life in the Belgian capital Brussels and wrote an article about it.

One of the main aims of this year's march was to protest against the proposed changes in the laws regarding euthanasia. In late 2002, the Belgian parliament legalised euthanasia for people over the age of 18. Now, a new law has been proposed to expand the law to minors and people suffering from Alzheimer's-type illnesses.

The wife of Archduke Imre has long been involved in the pro-life movement. Prior to her wedding she worked as the communications director for the Catholic Charities of the Arlington Virginia Diocese and was a member of the board of the Catholic Business Network of Northern Virginia. One of the most asked questions around the wedding was if she would continue with her work and it seems that she does.

[Just a quick note: To be perfectly honest, the team of Luxarazzi was a little hesitant to post about these news as we are aware of the strong feelings some people have about Archduchess Kathleen and this matter in general. Nonetheless, everyone should keep in mind that every person is entitled to their own opinion so if you have a comment please be thought- and respectful. Treat others like you want to be treated! (And yes, I feel strange for having to say this because it should be a given.)]

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  1. I congratulate Archduchess Kathleen for not caving to the loud retoric opposing her positions. So many are afraid to state how they feel in these particular matters because of the caustic and, many times, hateful comments regarding their positions. Someone has to stand up for The continuum of life that is sacred.

  2. As an archduchess of Austria (even though Austria doesn't recognize it) can she be politically active like this? Or is that only for members of reigning RFs?

  3. Being an Archduchess of Austria is the last thing that would stand in her way. As you said Austria has abolished all noble titles and has been a republic for almost 100 years now. Being the wife of a nephew of the head of state of Luxembourg and being the daughter-in-law of a niece of the Belgian head of state would probably be a bigger reason.

    Personally, I wouldn't define her protesting in Brussels being politically active but some my call it that.

    Anyway, various Habsburg's are politically active in the sense of holding offices even in Austria. In 2010, Austria abolished the part of the Habsburg Law that prevented members of the family to be elected for higher offices. So, in theory, a Habsburg can now become president of the Austrian republic. An example of this happening is Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria who was reigned the country as a monarch and was (many years) later elected prime minister.

    Even members of reigning houses can be active as politicians. One example that comes to mind is the late Vincenz Liechtenstein, a member of the Princely House of Liechtenstein and also grandson of Blessed Emperor Karl of Austria. He never renounced his rights to the throne of Liechtenstein but nonetheless was a member of the two Austrian parliaments for many years.

  4. Good for Archduchess Kathleen. It is awesome to see her standing up for her beliefs.