Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Rose For Stéphanie

Photo: Charles Caratini / Cour grand-ducale
A rose by any other name would indeed smell as sweet, but as with all things sometimes it's all in the name... The Lëtzebuerger Rousefrënn association has grown a new rose and named it for Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie. The rose Princesse Stéphanie Grande-Duchesse Héritière de Luxembourg was christened by its namesake at the palais grand-ducal today. The event was witnessed by Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, members of the Luxembourgish rose friends as well as agriculture minister Fernand Etgen.

The rose follows in the footsteps of several other flowers with the sweat smell named for members of the Grand Ducal Family including Rosa Maria Teresa (1982), Grande-Duchesse Joséphine Charlotte (1989), Grand-Duc Henri (2001), Grande-Duchesse Maria Teresa (2007), Grand-Duc Jean (2009), Alexandra, Princesse de Luxembourg (2010) and Princesse Sibilla de Luxembourg (2010)

Another picture at RTL.

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