Friday, July 22, 2016

Sophie Talks Stuart Heritage and a New Furry Child

Photo: Roland Korner
Hereditary Princess Sophie has given an interview to the third edition of the "oho"-magazine published in Liechtenstein once a year. In the lengthy interview, the Hereditary Princess spoke about her Stuart heritage which regularly links her to the British throne joking, "This story was never something we discussed at home, and until I travelled to London with my school class, I had not even heard about it. An acquaintance of my English teacher once said to me: “But you’re a Stuart.” And I just thought: what is he talking about? When I got back home, I asked my parents. They found the whole thing hilarious, and then explained the background to me. I can therefore assure you, I shall not be asserting a claim to the British throne."

In the lengthy interview, Hereditary Princess Sophie also reveals that her children do not want her to speak Liechtenstein dialect as "it sounds terrible" and that she has a new furry companion, a dachshund called Tipsy. In addition, she speaks about raising children in general and raising an heir to the throne in particular saying "I hope that my children will say that their mother was always there for them, and had an open ear for their worries and concerns". The English translation of the interview is available here.

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