Monday, March 6, 2017

Grand Duke Henri Attends Ensemble Stravaganza

Photo: Commune de Colmar-Berg / Cour grand-ducale
On Sunday, March 5th, Grand Duke Henri was at the parish church in Colmar-Berg to attend a concert performance by Ensemble Stravaganza. This was put on in connection with Rencontres Musicales de la Vallée de l'Alzette (RMVA). Claude Adam, the Vice-President of RMVA, was also in attendance, as was the Mayor of Colmar-Berg, Gast Jacobs.

Ensemble Stravaganza, which focuses primarily on baroque music, is under the artistic direction of violinist Domitille Gilon and harpsichordist Thomas Soltani. The performance on Sunday featured music of the Hapsburg court, including works by Biber, Böddecker, Froberger, and Schmelzer.

A little more detail from the Cour.

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