Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Liechtensteins: When a 21st-Century Family Moves Into a 12th-Century Castle

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
The New York Times Style Magazine recently published a story about Prince Alfred of Liechtenstein and wife Princess Alice (funnily without making any mention whatsoever of the fact that they are of those Liechtensteins that have actually given their name to a country they are still the heads of state of) entitled "When a 21st-Century Family Moves Into a 12th-Century Castle". You can find the full article here.

We usually do not cover Prince Alfred and Princess Alice on this blog - genealogy check: Prince Alfred is a second cousin once removed of Prince Hans-Adam II, whose cousin Prince Emmanuel owns Riegersburg and who we have also featured on the blog a while ago - but the article makes for a very interesting read! It mainly focuses on how the couple have tried to make Schloss Hollenegg their own by blending its history and historical appearances with modern conveniences and their personal taste. Schloss Hollenegg in Styria is one of one or two dozen castles still owned by (extended) Liechtenstein family in Austria.

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