Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Welcome to the Riegersburg!

Photo: Reiner Bauer
Today it's time to branch out a little with our Liechtenstein coverage to another line of the Princely Family we don't talk much about. Prince Emanuel is a second cousin once removed of Prince Hans-Adam II and the owner of the Riegersburg, a medieval castle situated above the town of Riegersburg in the Austrian state of Styria. He and his family, meaning his wife Princess Sonja, their children Leopold, Heinrich and Charlotte as well as his mother Princess Annemarie, were featured in a TV show called Cuisine Royale by German-French TV station Arte.

As the name suggests, Cuisine Royale is a royal cooking show as the series visits different castles and their kitchens and the owners of the castles have a chef preparing a special dinner with local products. In addition, the show also gives a little insights into the lives and, of course, castles of the royals and nobles featured in it.

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