Saturday, December 19, 2015

Death of Princess Alya Nur of Liechtenstein

Turkish media are reporting that Princess Alya Nur (possibly also Alienor) of Liechtenstein, one and a half year old daughter of Prince Rudolf and Princess Tılsım and thus granddaughter of Prince Philipp, has died. According to different news outlets the little girl choked on a piece of food which got stuck in her trachea while in the United States. (See more at Hürriyet, for example.)

Prince Rudolf and his Turkish-born wife Princess Tılsım, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, married in Istanbul in 2012. Since then, we saw them in public a few times, for example late last year, or for the wedding of Prince Félix and Princess Claire. Apart from these occasional sightings, the couple lives a very private life and I don't think it had been publicly known that they had a daughter. Our thoughts and prayers are with them after these horrific and sad news.

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