Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Luxarazzi 101: Bavarian Pearl and Diamond Floral Tiara

The tiara Hereditary Princess Sophie wore for her wedding in 1993 is often times erroneously described as a "Bavarian Floral Tiara" though, as we previously established, it was in fact the Douglas Floral Tiara coming from her mother's side of the family. That, however, wasn't for lack of floral tiaras within the Wittelsbach family as Sophie, who is a Duchess in Bavaria, demonstrated at her pre-wedding ball at Munich's Schloss Nymphenburg. Held a few days prior to her wedding and hosted by her grandfather, the Duke of Bavaria, Hereditary Princess Sophie sported a diamond and pearl tiara for the occasion. (She also wore a diamond and sapphire necklace and earrings, and at least the earrings seem to be her personal property judging by the times she has worn them since.)
Queen Marie Therese of Bavaria, Duchess Elizabeth in Bavaria, Duchess Marie of Württemberg
Sadly, not much seems to be known about the tiara the Hereditary Princess wore for her pre-wedding ball apart from the obvious. The diamonds featured in the sparkler are set in a leafy, almost ferny, motif interspersed with a number of pearls. The Bavarian Pearl and Diamond Floral Tiara, as we are going to call it, dates back to (at least) Sophie's great-great-grandmother Queen Marie Therese of Bavaria (1849-1919), who regularly wore it when either painted or photographed. In more recent times, the tiara has been worn by Sophie's mother, Duchess Elizabeth in Bavaria, as well as Sophie's sister, Duchess Marie of Württemberg.

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