Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Marie and Sophie Attend a Memorial Concert

Photo: Stephanie Büchel / Vaterland / Vaterland.li
On Sunday evening, Princess Marie and Hereditary Princess Sophie attended a podium concert at the Town Hall in Vaduz. The purpose of this event, which was organized by the prize winners from previous podium concerts (such as here), was to Lotte Schwarz, an early founder of the podium concert program in 2003, who passed away recently.

The motto of this event, as presented by Maestro Graziano Mandozzi, was "Tu was Gutes und rede darüber – es könnte ansteckend sein" (or "Do what is good and talk about it -- it might be contagious.") Ten musicians who have previously won prizes in the podium concert series were there to perform for the tribute to Lotte Schwarz. Hereditary Princess Sophie is also a patron of the podium concerts.

A little more information about the event, as well as the accomplishments of many of the prize-winning artists, at Vaterland.

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