Friday, August 17, 2018

Archduke Imre Talks Family Legacy

Photo: Galway Advertiser
In an interview with Galway Advertiser, Archduke Imre has spoken of the legacy of the Habsburg family saying, "We are very lucky to be able to be incognito when we walk in the street; that is a great advantage nowadays that the family can have a private life. Then again, people often ask what the family might think on certain issues, and we always have to be ready to have an opinion, and also to lead by example, to work hard and what we do, to do well. We feel no nostalgia for the imperial era, not because it was a burden, but our family tries to look forward and continues to serve however we can." The full interview and a few more lovely pictures are available here.

Archduke Imre, the nephew of the Grand Duke and oldest son of Archduchess Marie-Astrid, and his wife Kathleen are to visit Galway in Ireland later this month to participate in a ceremony at Galway Cathedral honouring his great-grandfather, Blessed Karl of Austria, who, as Karl I, was the last Emperor of Austria-Hungary.

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