Thursday, August 23, 2018

Imre and Kathleen Visit Ireland With Their Daughters

Photo: Edward
Archduke Imre and Archduchess Kathleen as well as their daughters Maria-Stella and Magdalena were in the Irish town of Galway this week to participate in an event honouring Blessed Emperor Karl and Empress Zita, Imre's great-grandparents, which also kicked off the World Meeting of Families. Luxarazzi readers Edward and Viktorija were both in Galway for the event and kindly shared their photos with us - thank you very much!
Photos: Edward

The event also included a presentation by Archduke Imre, nephew of Grand Duke Henri, about his ancestors. Edward tells us, "Imre's talk was about his great-grandfather, with a focus on the family life of Karl I and Zita as the event was kicking off the World Meeting of Families. He only had 30 minutes and I really wish he had more time as the talk was very interesting with lots of visuals. He  also spoke about how how he and Kathleen met, which was at Feast Day mass for his great grandfather in Washington, D.C."
Photos: Viktorija

He continues, "Imre brought a 1st Class relic of Emperor Karl I, which was a piece of bone. After evening prayers everyone had the chance to venerate the relic. There was a nice elderly lady with  a lifelong interest in the House of Habsburg who brought a scrapbook of photos. Imre and Kathleen both signed it for her - and people were invited to look through the book and ask the lady questions about the family. The Cathedral was packed and Imre and Kathleen talked with everyone. Almost 10 minutes with me and my friend alone - very kind!"
Photo: Edward
In advance to the event in Galway, Archduke Imre also gave an interview about his ancestors. Speaking to attendants of the mess, Archduchess Kathleen also revealed that her third child is due around October 12 of this year.
Photos: Edward (left), Viktorija (right)

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