Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hello! mentions Princess Tessy plus new pic

Hello Magazine mentions the new photographs that have been issued to mark the 9th anniversary of Henri's reign as Grand Duke.

They focus on the fact that Tessy has been included. They incorrectly suggest that this is  the first photograph she has been in with the Grand Ducal Family. She's been in plenty of photographs before! I'm actually disappointed that there are more photos of Tessy than even The Grand Duke - who the photos were meant to commemorate.

Hello isn't known for it's accuracy on royal matters. Just last year they repeatedly stated that Archduchess Marie-Christine wore a tiara that belonged to her husband's family when the tiara actually belongs to the Grand Ducal Family. This error is obvious to anyone who follows the family.

I want to point out that from the very beginning Tessy has always been welcomed into the family. At least, this is the appearance on the outside and I'm certain that it is genuine. She has always been included in National Day - very prominently. Just last year she wore the emerald tiara of Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte for the annual National Day ball, and she wasn't even a princess yet. She was included in the family holiday photos that were released in 2007 and 2008. Her wedding to Louis was open to the public and was attended by the entire extended family. The christening of the boys was the same. She has hardly been set aside and hidden away. I don't think that she could have been more included even if she had become a princess upon marriage.

They also mention Tessy's father is a tiler. Well, he's a former tiler. Not long after his daughters elevation into the first family in the land he found a new position.

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