Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some vids from National Day

Many thanks again to Liann for sending over these links. You really are amazing and I think I may love you ;)

This video is of the Te Deum. I warn you in advance that this video is 102 minutes long - yes peoples that is more than an hour. I actually paused the video 44 minutes in to post this blog entry to share it with you all. I am really enjoying it. You really get a feel for what actually goes on during National Day. After watching the video you will see that photographs hardly capture the feeling or the events. The video has commentary during the arrivals of the diplomatic cour and other distinguished guests. When the Grand Ducal Family starts to arrive the feeling changed and they processed into the cathedral and the service (in French mostly) starts. I must say that The Grand Duchess really is much more beautiful in video than she is in pictures. Photographs do not seem to capture her attractiveness nor her sparkle.

I have not finished the video yet but once they arrive there is considerable footage of the family. I am really surprised that Prince Félix seems so uncomfortable and stiff. He always seems so confident and at ease in photographs but now I see that perhaps he isn't really as comfortable with the cameras and attention as it seems. Guillaume, on the other hand, often seems nervous and stiff in photographs and yet he seemed perfectly confident and relaxed during the video footage. Although, none except The Grand Duchess appeared at ease when the camera focused on them for long periods. I pay careful attention to the interactions between the family in the video. I find that their communication with each other is both verbal and physical. They are perfectly comfortable with each other and the affection that exists between them all is obvious, consistent and genuine. I got the distinct impression that everyone definitely knows their place. I am very impressed. This is actually the most video footage I have ever saw of The Family. Normally I only get to see pictures and short clips of them never 20 or more minutes of video like this.

I finished the video now and it was a nice surprise that at the end of it there is footage of The Grand Duchess' recent trip to Africa and there is also an interview with her discussing this. She was very emotional. She has great capacity for empathy. I got the distinct impression that the one interviewer was complaining that her interview was in French not Luxembourgish while the other said she does speak good Luxembourgish. I didn't catch what else was said because I cannot speak enough Luxembourgish to make it all out.

Liann also sent me this link from the military parade which is also part of national day. I haven't gotten to watch it yet but I did peek at it and it also has great footage of the family. The same videos are available in the similar videos section in the right lower section of the page hosting the video for last year. I'll be sure to watch them at some point this weekend.

Thank you again Liann. I agree my mood is already lifted on this cold and dreary autumn day.

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