Friday, October 23, 2009

Translator and stuff

I put a little translator over there ----------->>.

All you have to do is select the language you prefer to read in and presto life is easier. I'm a big fan of "work smarter not harder" so I try to make things as easy as possible for those of you who venture here for your Luxembourg news. I did this because I notice that several readers are having to link here from another site using a translator. This should make things a little easier for you.

Also, I cannot control what videos pop up on the video bar. I can only set key words. So if you're making a video over on youtube for have uploaded something related to the Grand Ducal Family use Prince Felix of Luxembourg instead of just Felix, ect... I changed the words I have been using to receive videos today so that it will filter out some of the unrelated crap and bring in more videos. If you are the owner of a youtube channel that has Luxembourg or royal related videos or if you have a favorite channel send over the name of that channel and I can link it directly so that those videos will rotate in and out of the display.

As usual, if you have questions, comments, concerns, requests, info/pics to add or rants...I'm (usually) listening. If you have something to say and English isn't your preferred language send it over anyway. I'm sure we can babelfish out your meaning or I can have another evil genius give me the Cliffs Notes of it.

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