Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fire at the Grand Ducal Palace

On Tuesday a washing machine or dryer in the basement of the Grand Ducal Palace caught fire. The responding firemen had to use oxygen masks due to the heavy smoke inside the palace. The fire was safely contained and it appears that there is only minor damage limited to the laundry area. The area of the palace had to be vented and evacuated due to the smoke.

I am glad that the fire/smoke alarm went of so quickly and that further damage to the historic structure was prevented. I am also exceptionally glad that no one was injured. Although, I really hope the smoke damage to the historic paintings, furnishings and walls is minimal.

RTL also has a similar article with different pictures. You can clearly see The Grand Duke chatting happily (and safely!) with the firemen who responded.

The Station made light of the situation by saying that The Grand Duke shouldn't try to cram all his laundry in one load and that if you spot a burn mark on His uniform you know where it came from. ;)

There is also a mention in Tageblatt. I suspect this will make all the Luxembourg news sources because even a small fire in the the Palace (or any other building associated with The Grand Duke) is a big deal.

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