Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Grand Duke and The Grand Duchess attend conference on gender equality

On Monday The Grand Duke and The Grand Duchess attended a conference on gender equality in politics. In January The Grand Duchy initiated a National Action Plan (NAP) on gender equality and equality in general. This program will last until 2014.

There were also a series of workshops that were designed to make sure the necessary agencies were aware of the policies of the NAP and to make them active participants in the program.

Manuel Dias has a gallery of the event.

The Grand Duke, of course, has a progressive and egalitarian view on gender equality. He has made it known that he wants the succession to the throne to be based on birth order alone. Luxembourg and Liechtenstein are currently the only European monarchies that limit succession to males only. Female succession in Luxembourg is only permitted after all available dynastic males have exhausted. So, technically Princess Alexandra and her aunts (both of whose marriages are certainly considered to have been with consent) have places in the succession but they would rank so far down that it's hardly worth bothering with. I find this unfortunate given that The Grand Duchess Charlotte was an exceptionally popular monarch.

The Grand Duke has also admitted Princess Alexandra to the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau. This is the highest honor in The Grand Duchy. Men who are brothers or sons of a Grand Duke (or reigning Grand Duchess) are members of The Order from birth and receive their insignia upon their majority. Prince Sebastien is, for example, a member of the order since his father became Grand Duke but he will not receive his insignia until after 16 April 2010. Personally, I feel that Princess Margaretha and Princess Marie-Astrid should also be included in The Order since we are speaking of gender equality. In terms of equality, Princess Elisabeth, Princess Alix and Princess Marie-Gabriele should also be included since they are the remaining daughters of The Grand Duchess Charlotte.

For more information on the orders of Luxembourg you can view the information provided by the government.

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