Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Happy 24th belated birthday Prince Louis!

I'd just like to say that for nearly a year I've withheld the information that Louis and Tessy were living in Melbourne, Florida (not Orlando as the tabloids say). I had also chosen not to publish the information that Louis was a student at the Florida Institute of Technology. This information was published in several places today. Apparently, it is not obvious to everyone that Melbourne is a relatively small town that could make Louis and his family easy prey for press, fans and royal stalkers. There also might have been 2 or 3 students at FIT that weren't aware that His Royal Highness is a student there. The aforementioned bloggers (not this one) also imply that Louis is a new student at FIT. He's been a student there for a while. He's already making solo flights.

Tessy is also supposed to be a student in Florida. Maybe everyone can do articles about about where she is studying? You know, just in case anyone wants to have a new royal best friend. Let's just go ahead and make their lives easier and safer...maybe you'd like to publish their home address to make it easier for stalkers, overzealous fans and general crazy people to locate them?

The Grand Ducal Family is one of the most private royal families in the world. You'd think that most people who are interested in them would have figured out by now that it is not accidental. They are purposely discreet and attempt to keep their private lives private.

I always try to keep the safety of the family in mind even when I forget about privacy. I never thought it was a good idea to mention the name of such a small area. I know that I've mentioned Brevard County in connection with Louis & Co. before but I didn't think it would be a brilliant moment to narrow it down any further.


  1. In the US no one will care.

  2. You couldn't be more incorrect. Most of the readers of this blog are actually American.

    There are always crazy fans and people who look to harm and stalk wealthy/well known people.

    It was irresponsible to publish the information.

    Most people won't care but there are enough who will that anyone with commonsense would know to keep their location private.

  3. Just wondering... you do realise that anyone who hasn't seen this info before has seen it in your blog right now, collected in one convenient place, right?

  4. So why then have you deemed it necessary to name the place of their residence and comment on it if in fact your so hellbent on keeping their private details private ?

  5. The information was published yesterday on 2 other blogs and hit the forums/message boards shortly after.

    I do keep their private details private until the information goes public. I will write on the details that are published elsewhere.

    I do know that anyone who wasn't aware of the info is now aware of it. You think I should just remain silent while everyone else publishes the information. Sorry, this is a place to find Luxembourg info. I cannot undo the fact that the information was published everywhere else.

    I kept the information about their residence private for more than a year. Don't hassle me for not respecting their privacy.

  6. *sigh*

    I've debated about doing this last night and didn't but I guess maybe I should anyway.

    And I don't mean to hassle you either, I understand the motivation of the blog. Doesn't mean I have to agree any more than some people are agreeing with me, that's what you get for writing opinionated, after all.

    But uh. I find this difficult, on more than one level. The information might have been published by other blogs, but yours is the one most comprehensive regarding the GDF and the very top one google will give results from, which puts you in a different position. Had this been published in a magazine, even in a local publication in Lux, which may not be but can be read by people outside the country would have been a different matter, but how many clicks do blogs get? A lot of they're lucky or their bloggers try to get them noticed, a handfull if it's just a matter of fun.

    Anyone not an avid follower of other blogs but one who reads this one occasionally, or has subscribed to the feed knows now. Who tells you that you don't have double the amount of clicks those other blogs have combined?

    It certainly speaks for you that you keep information private that is private (although tongues might wag about how the information was obtained in the first place, but we both know there's always...purpose and coincidence), but the question is if you, maybe, may not have kept it that way. As an example, I know a few things about people of the public domain, and these things are in the public domain, if one really wants to know, which doesn't mean I'm repeating them on the blog. I don't have the claim to run a comprehensive blog, of course, which might be the difference, but even if I was I wouldn't put it out, because even people of the public domain do things in private. Or have matters that shouldn't be discussed by me.

    I think that's what the snarky commenters were getting at, actually.

    As for people caring or not. Haakon was enrolled at university (in the US) with his complete name, title and all the works (even the HRH style), and no one cared. Sure, that was 15 years ago, but there's always crazies out there, and stalking can happen to you and me by crazy accident as well. Louis is the third, married and out of the succession, he's the least interesting of the siblings for anyone out there. If anyone really wants a new royal best friend, they better get their behinds to NY and smooch up to Madde.

  7. The information is widely available in Luxembourg. It actually hasn't been a state secret. I chose not to broadcast it for about a year even though anyone who was interested could have easily obtained the information.

    The blogs and news sites that published the information have a far greater readership than I have. What tells me this?? The counter I have on this blog and my past communication with the owners of the other blogs (one of which is very well respected).

    The information is no longer private and I refuse to simply sit back and allow every other blog and website that covers the GDF carry the "news" while I remain silent. Anyone with an interest in the GDF would have found out this week anyway. The news trickled down pretty fast.

    It isn't realistic to expect me to remain silent on things that were already being discussed in several languages (including English) and were published on legitimate news related blogs (maybe I forgot to mention that they aren't gossip sites. I have been very responsible with what I know. I will continue to do so.

    There are a lot of things about the family that are in the public domain that I do not discuss because they have retained a semi-private status. I bite my tongue constantly about all sorts of matters. The things that I "know" and what I discuss are vastly different. I suspect that most "fans" would be shocked if they knew all the things that I knew. I keep my mouth shut, in general. I defend the family against slanderous accusations and general bad feelings. I steer pretty much all the information that comes off this blog and the forum into a positive light.

    There is a lot of interest in the family. However, those who would be interested in Madde are not the same people who would be interested in Louis and Tessy. In my experience, the fan clubs don't overlap that much.

    I doubt many people know the motivation behind the blog. My interest, respect and love of the GDF is actually secondary to my interest, respect and love of the Grand Duchy.

    Just to be fair...Someone informed me earlier today that they believe the information about Louis was actually contained in a press release. I don't get press releases so I can't confirm that. I do know that it was already in legitimate news before I published it.

  8. I am surprised that Prince Louis would attend this university. It is a third tier U.S. school which means it is ranked in the 51st to 75th percentile. Most royalty attend top ranked schools.

  9. Maybe location played a role in his decision. It is near the ocean. He enjoys surfing and other water sports. He wouldn't be the first person to prefer a lower ranked school in a warm climate with easy access to recreation. He also had to take the needs and desires of his wife and children into consideration.

    It is also possible that his grades at his previous institution would not have merited admission to a school such as Stanford. I sort of doubt that possibility though.

    A lot of low ranked schools have rosters full of royals, nobles and the children of wealth.

  10. I think it's commendable that you've kept this secret for so long (however you came by the info, my, you have long antennae!). I don't follow many royal blogs, and this is the only Lux blog I follow. Even then, I had already seen this info on another royal blog - one that covers ALL royal families and therefore has a much wider readership than this one, which is admittedly focused on a niche interest (the Luxembourg GDF).

  11. I also read Hans' blog. ;) He does have a much larger following than this blog. It is part of the reason why I didn't feel guilty for mentioning it. I knew that the news would spread fast.

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