Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mlle. Claire Lademacher **

Point de Vue and another magazine have published photographs of Félix and his lady-friend.

Claire and Félix attended Collège Alpin International Beau Soleil together. They graduated in the same class in 2003. It is not a coincidence that they are currently in Rome at the same university.

They were not together as a couple as far back as Beau Soleil; Félix is known to have dated at least 2 other women following his days there (prior to his more personal association with Claire). However, as far as I know, their relationship is serious.

They attended the wedding of Princess Blanche de Merode where they posed for photos (not a moment of brilliance, I might add). I had stated that Felix was in a serious relationship with a woman named Claire a while back. This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone who reads the LAF.  After they posed for the picture together, I didn't feel the need to continue to pretend that it was a secret. Honestly, they hadn't gone out of their way to be secret about their relationship.


  1. wanted dude my nick is beautiful, I would like to know if you took photos of wedding, that this blog is referenced, another spacae dedicated to this royal house says Felix came to the wedding with tis girl.¿what is true is published photos or just was a serious rumor? thank you

  2. It is not a rumor. There are published photos.

    I did not take photos of the wedding.

    Where is this blog referenced?

  3. By privacy I don't leave names of the pages visited so you don't have problems with their owners, but none of those pages I have seen pictures of Félix with that girl just a video on youtube to accompanied by a girl

    Hair clear the taking a cigarette between his fingers. Good thank you for answering my first comment and hope to see more news of them because mine is not-for-profit and many less, I am a person that continues the Royal family Luxembourg, because I think that it is one of the few real houses that appreciates its intimacy and that is appreciated, loved friend thank you very much for your blog and your news and we apologize for any inconvenience I have caused you my inappropriate comment, thank you for a faithful follower of his blog (beautiful)

  4. I'm really not worried about having problems with the owners of other pages.

    I would be interested to see this youtube video.

  5. There is video of Felix minute that leaves the image smoking not be which is but if several girls coming out with the Theatre/136.JPG,,The photo that the attachment I read information saying that it was the girlfriend of Prince Guillaume, you could tell me if it is true, sorry I could not find the photo of Felix smoking (beautiful)

  6. The woman in the video is just another guest at the wedding of Princess Xenia. They are seated beside each other at the table of honor. The seating arrangements were decided based on relationship to the bride and groom.

    That is not Guillaume's girlfriend. That is Katrina Esteve. She is the daughter of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa's sister.

    I did not see any women in the RTL photo.

  7. Qui is the photo of Felix smoking a cigarette, here puts is Guillaume, but I think it's Felix (beatifoul)

  8. The picture in PdV shows quite obviously that they are together as a couple, with her arm around him. I am a bit surprised by that.

  9. You are not the only one who is surprised by their public outing together. I'm pretty baffled that a person that is normally so private didn't bolt in the other direction when he saw the photographer.

    I wouldn't have said they were just based on that picture. I've seen a lot of pictures of Felix with his arm around women he was merely friends with. Actually, he usually has a bigger embrace for his female friends than he did for Claire in the PdV pic. If I hadn't already known they were a couple I wouldn't have suspected it.

    He didn't appear comfortable in the pic. It reminds me of how Felix looks around his ex-girlfriends. They appeared to be standing off alone together talking.

    He doesn't actually look very excited. I could almost see the thought in his head, "this picture is going to be all over the internet." :)