Saturday, February 5, 2011

Grand Duke back home

The Grand Duke was released from the hospital this morning. The Cour Grand-Ducale stated in their press release that The Grand Duke will require several weeks of recovery at Chateau de Berg.

Several weeks of recovery indicates 3 things: a stent was placed into The Grand Duke's heart during the procedure, He will not be in Saudi Arabia next Wednesday, and the state visit to Vietnam that is planned for next month will likely be cancelled - again.

A stent is a piece of wire mesh that is installed into the artery during almost all angioplasty procedures. The metal stent is embedded into the wall of of the artery to prevent further impediment of blood-flow. Special medications and rest are required for 4-6 weeks after the procedure.

It will be important that The Grand Duke continue to make any lifestyle adjustments prescribed by His doctor after the procedure. One hopes, that this will encourage members of His family to stop smoking and improve their general health. I am keen to have the entire family in good health. I am very fond of them. ;)

Our best wishes and prayers for a continued recovery!!

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Images from Heartsite.

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