Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Anniversary (times two)

Today is the 29th wedding anniversary of Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg and Archduke Carl-Christian of Austria. Marie-Astrid and Carl-Christian are among my favorite royal couples. The Princess is actually my royal lady of choice. ;)

An interview and new photos have been published to mark the upcoming 30th wedding anniversary of The Grand Ducal Couple. The interview was originally published in the Luxembourgish magazine Télécran. This interview does not appear to be online. Luxemburger Wort has published some of the interview and the new photos on their website. The couple was married 14 February 1981.

Both couples were married in the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Luxembourg. The brides wore the Congo Wedding Tiara of Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte.

We wish both couples a Happy Anniversary and many years of bliss!

I invite you to visit the Royal Weddings Message Board to view additional photos of these weddings.

Source: Point de Vue, Luxemburger Wort, Royal Weddings Message Board


  1. Princess Marie-Astrid was a beautiful bride. She remains a beautiful woman to this day. MT looked lovely as well, but I do not like the fur collar on her gown. I wish both couples a very happy anniversary!

  2. I found your blog by accident via Google image search and I am so pleased. It's such a wonderful resource on the Luxembourg royal family - there is nothing like it anywhere on the Internet. I was wondering if perhaps you might know of anywhere online where one might be able to watch videos of any of the Luxembourg weddings? I can't seem to find any.

  3. Princess Marie-Astrid was married on February 6, 1982 and her sister Margaretha was married six weeks later on March 20, 1982. I can't imagine planning two royal weddings so close together!