Saturday, March 5, 2011


Several people have contacted me with inquiries about how to order the new "Dynastie 2011" stamps. I used the contact form on the P&T website to inquire about ordering the stamps. The next day a very nice lady named Monique sent an e-mail asking for my full name and complete mailing address so that she could send me the information I requested.  I replied with the information. Four days later an envelope stuffed with information was delivered to my home. Included in the package are several brochures featuring recently issued stamps, eight pages listing all the stamps that I could order, and a final page featuring several payment options. The order forms are trilingual featuring directions in French, German and English. It seems that nearly every stamp issued during the past 5 years is available. I would scan all of these pages and just make it easier for you to print and use them. Unfortunately, when they send you the information the order forms have a personalized number attached that is issued to specifically to you.

You can also order coins. I didn't know this so I didn't request information on the coins that are available. If you are interested in special issue coins be sure to mention that in your request.

If you are interested, use the contact form or send an e-mail to or I sent my request in English. I would recommend using French, German or English. These are the languages used in the brochures and the order forms. I recommend just sending an e-mail instead of using the contact from.

I hope those of you looking for details find this information helpful.

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