Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Prince Guillaume at World Customs Organization Regional Conference (Europe)

On March 30th, The Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg received the Directors General of Customs in the European region of the World Customs Organization (WCO) at the Grand Ducal Palace. Luxembourg currently holds the Vice-Presidency of the WCO and is regional representative for Europe. This two-day conference was organized by Alain Bellot, WCO Vice-Chair for Europe and the Director General of Customs and Excise for Luxembourg. Luc Frieden, Luxembourg Minister of Finance, opened the meeting. Among the topics discussed were the fight against fraud in Europe, customs networking, capacity building and cooperation in law enforcement and the fight against crime. Norway was chosen as the next Vice-President of the WCO-Europe Region.

The WCO comprises of six geographical regions. Each region elects a regional representative who then holds the Vice-Presidency. Country members also elect the Vice Chair for the region. The Vice Chair represents his or her region at policy committees, and organizes and directs the work of his or her respective region at the Plenary session of the WCO Council, which will be held in June in Brussels.

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