Friday, April 8, 2011

Guillaume at Centre Osterbour

Yesterday, on April 7th, The Hereditary Grand Duke had a meeting with various young people who are participating in a program called Jeunesse en Action. For people between the age of 13 and 30, this program, among others of the Service National de la Jeunesse, offers the chance to voluntarily work on different projects in a freely selectable foreign country, or even Luxembourg itself, to get to know another culture and broaden one's horizon. The program also supports young people coming to Luxembourg to voluntarily work there. While their work is unpaid, the young people coming to Luxembourg, are funded by the Luxembourgish government. Last year about 150 people participated in such a program in Luxembourg.

In the course of further training for the volunteers, which took place at a youth hostel in Larochette, Guillaume got to know more about the program and four former, current and future participants of Jeunesse en Action told about their experiences and expectations.

Many more pictures are available on the website of Manuel Dias.

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