Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Grand Duke back on duty

After his illness earlier this year, The Grand Duke Henri is back on duty. On April 7th, he received an audience of American and Luxembourgish members of the Luxembourg American Cultural Society. The LACS was founded in 2004 by both people of Luxembourgish descent living in the United States, as well as citizens of the Grand Duchy to preserve Luxembourgish heritage and culture in America. The Grand Duke acts as a patron for the organization, as well as a Cultural Center situated in Belgium, Wisconsin.

The reason for the visit of the members of the LACS was the opening of the Cultural Center a few months ago. After three years of construction time, the Cultural Center was officially opened in August 2010. Among the visitors for the opening were the Luxembourgish culture secretary Octavie Modert and the Luxembourgish ambassador to the United States, Jean-Paul Senninger. Now it was the time to introduce the Cultural Centre, which, among other things, contains a Roots and Leaves Museum and a research center, to the general Luxembourgish public. You may also remember that the Grand Duke and three of his sons visited the center in 2009. After the audience with Grand Duke Henri, an information evening in Niederanven took place.

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