Thursday, April 28, 2011

Remembering a Great Woman *

From 1 October to 30 October, Vianden Castle will host the exhibit Remembering a Great Woman, honoring Grand Duchess Charlotte. The exhibit should not be confused with the traveling exhibit that toured Luxembourg last year.

The new exhibit will include several interesting parts. Visitors will enjoy rare photographs documenting important events of Charlotte's life: childhood, youth, exile, official engagements and in the company of notable persons of the last century. The photographs will be complimented by related newspaper articles and documents. A detailed genealogy will be included in the exhibit.

In addition to providing all of the details above, a member of the administrative staff at Vianden Castle informed me that the exhibit is organized "under the protectorate of Grand Duke Jean."

Grand Duchess Charlotte owned the castle during her reign and maintained a close relationship with the village. On 26 May 1977, Grand Duke Jean sold the castle and the surrounding land to the state for 22,000,000 francs. The sum was far less than the estate was worth and does not amount to much in modern currency.

Further details will be posted later.

Source: Vianden Castle 

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