Saturday, April 16, 2011

Double Birthday!

Today is the 56th birthday of The Grand Duke and the 19th birthday of his youngest child, Prince Sébastien.

Henri is cruising toward his 11th year as Grand Duke with integrity. He recently returned to duty after undergoing an emergency coronary angioplasty earlier this year.

Prince Sébastien recently completed his secondary education at the International School of Luxembourg. It is unknown if he will take a gap year or proceed directly to university. Perhaps he may even become the 6th grandson of Grand Duke Jean to attend RMA Sandhurst.

Sadly, the Cour Grand-Ducale has not released any new pictures or updated biographical information to mark the occasion. Prince Sébastien's official biography is outdated.

My fellow bloggers and I wish The Grand Duke and The Prince well on their birthday.

Wort, RTL

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