Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Every man...

...should have a son, plant a tree and build a house as a German proverb says. I'm not sure about the house part but today the Grand Duke has planted a tree - pretty sure though, that it isn't the first one because it seemingly is part of the job description of a royal - and he hasn't just one but four beautiful sons.

The Grand Duke Henri planted the tree during a three hour long tour through the beautiful landscape around the Luxembourgish village of Schengen, that is most famous for being the place where the Schengen Agreement was signed.

During the tour, which was organised by an organisation named natur & ëmwelt, the Grand Duke and the other participants learned about biodiversity of the area, the rare plants growing there and the change of the area through the last centuries. Afterwards the group also visited Remerschen and Schwebsingen to learn about the biodiversity of fruit cultivation and horticulture.

Both the Cour Grand-Ducale and Wort offer large galleries of photos.

Sources: Wort

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