Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lux Spring Fair **

The nine day long annual Spring Fair in Luxembourg has started today and the Grand Ducal couple were in on it. Wearing beautiful spring-like colours, the Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and her equally well-dressed husband the Grand Duke Henri wandered the exhibition grounds to see the best out of more than 400 hundred exhibitors from 70 different industries, who came to the Grand Duchy from ten different countries.

Traditionally, various goods are presented at the annual Spring Fair. Among the goods shown are whiteware and landscape gardening tools, as well as wine and table culture.

A lovely gallery of photos can be found over on the website of Wort. Another gallery is available on the website of the great Manuel Dias. In this video replay of the daily Luxembourgish news you can see the Grand Ducal couple a few times (starting at 3:20). Another video can be found here.

Sources:, Wort

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