Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Grand Duchess' Brother Hospitalized *

The Cour Grand-Ducale has issued a press release stating that The Grand Duchess' older brother, Antonio Mestre, is in a coma in a Florida hospital. He was admitted to the hospital yesterday with cardiovascular problems. His condition is given as "alarming."

The Grand Duchess is scheduled to travel to Florida as soon as she can. Unfortunately, she cannot leave the day before a long scheduled state visit. It is estimated that The Grand Duchess will not participate in the final day of the state visit program in Norway. It is certainly a testament to her dedication to Luxembourg that she will continue to meet the demands of her position during this time.

Our sincerest thoughts and prayers are with The Grand Duchess and her family during this time.

Wort's article on the press release is a little confusing. It would be lovely if they would link the actual press release from the Cour.

Sources: Wort, RTL

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