Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grand Duke (and family) at Tour de Luxembourg **

This week the Skoda Tour de Luxembourg is taking place in, you guessed it, the Grand Duchy. Today's stage was won by the Italian Davide Appollonio, and no other than the Grand Duke himself congratulated the winner and awarded him with the green jersey for the best sprinter. Tomorrow, the cyclists will cross the final finish line of this year's Tour de Luxembourg.

Pictures of the event can be found at RTL, RTL, Wort and Roland Miny Pressphoto.

Update: Not only the Grand Duke attended the second last stage of the Tour de Luxembourg; Prince Louis, Princess Tessy and their sons, as well as Princess Alexandra were also there. A gallery of photos and a short video can be found at and the Cour also released a few pictures.

Source: Wort

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  1. So wonderful to see the Grand Duke back in top form!