Monday, June 27, 2011

National Day Fashion 2011

I am going ahead with the fashion post even though I have yet to see any Gala pictures (I want tiaras!). I will update if/when those pictures are made available.

So, first up, the day before National Day, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa visited Oberanven.

MT wore a lovely, red floral dress with a white blazer and matching white shoes. This is the red version of the purple dress she wore on the recent state visit to Norway. Henri was his usual dashing self, in a black suit and blue and red striped tie.

Alexandra looked wonderful in a belted, on trend, neon green/yellowish dress by Natan. She tied her look together with a two-toned beige jacket and beige heels. Guillaume looked spiffy and cheerful in a dark suit with a light blue and red striped tie (very patriotic, sir!)

The day before National Day continued with an evening parade and fireworks display which saw the entire Grand Ducal Family (except for the dashing Prince Felix, and Louis and Tessy's little ones) in attendance.

Henri, Guillaume, and Alexandra all wore the same outfits as they had earlier in the day. Maria-Teresa changed into a sparkly and festive peach colored Elie Saab ensemble. Sebastien made an appearance in a salmon colored tie and dark suit, and Louis matched his wife Tessy in a black suit and red tie. Tessy was sporting a trendy military inspired jacket over a red dress with black heels. Red looks good on Tessy, and I'm glad she's been wearing more of it lately.

National Day saw the family attend the Te Deum Mass and Henri, Maria-Teresa, and Guillaume review military troops and watch a parade.

The Grand Duke and the Hereditary Grand Duke looked dapper in their military uniforms. Although the color of those uniforms is not the best shade of green in my opinion, I do love a man in uniform. Maria-Teresa wore a bright, shiny, fushia creation. I like the idea of the outfit, the fit works well for Maria-Teresa's shape, and I love the pill box hat. I even like the color, but I do not like the shiny fabric. I'm also not a fan of the giant ruffle thing on her shoulder.

Alexandra wore, what looked like a beautiful rose colored dress, underneath a sheer raincoat thing. I really wish she hadn't worn the coat because the outfit underneath looks so interesting. The jacket did nothing for her figure and it looked like a sheer lab coat. I do like the whimsical fascinator in her hair. Age appropriate and fun.

Tessy wore a white, belted dress that looked more suited to a cocktail party than mass. I can handle the dress, but that blue thing that is attacking the side of her face has got to go. Tessy did so well the last two national days that I hated to see her regress like this. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Louis played the role of dutiful spouse again by matching his tie to Tessy's blue head monstrosity. Sebastien wore a light blue tie with his morning coat.

All in all, it was a wonderful National Day. I just wish Felix had made an appearance. Let us know what you thought about the various 2011 National Day fashions in the comments below!


  1. love the post and the pictures, i am a fan of this royal family a lot .

  2. MT's hat is by Fabienne Delvigne and the dress by Natan ;)