Friday, June 3, 2011

State visit to Norway - Day 2 and 3

It is time to wrap up the state visit of the Grand Ducal couple to Norway. After a jam-packed first day in Oslo, the second day continued where the first one left off with loads of activities for Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa. As it was reported earlier, the Grand Duchess did not attend the events of the third day but instead travelled to Florida to be with her brother.

The second day in Oslo started with a visit to the Fram Museum, a museum portraying the history of Norwegian polar expeditions. It continued with a visit to the National Gallery by Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa and Queen Sonja, and a business reception for two head of states King Harald and Grand Duke Henri.

Afterwards the two couples were reunited at a luncheon hosted by the Government, followed by a visit to the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, that the Grand Duke had prepared with a visit to the CRP-Santé a few days ago. The day ended with an official banquet at the Oslo Town Hall and another round of beautiful gowns.

The third and last day of the state visit took place in Norway's third largest town Trondheim. In the morning the Grand Duke visited the Statoil Research Centre, followed by a luncheon hosted by the Mayor of Trondheim. Afterwards Grand Duke Henri and the Norwegian royal couple visited the Nidadros Cathedral and the Munkegatan, a street that burnt down in the 17th century during a fire and was rebuilt by Luxembourgish engineer. Lastly, the three royals visited Rockheim, a museum for pop and rock music, and met with Norwegian singer and star of the 60's and 70's Wenche Myhre.

Pictures of both days are available at Getty Images, APA Picturedesk, RTL, and Daylife. More can be found on the website of the Royal Family of Norway (Day 2 and Day 3), at Tageblatt, at Wort (Day 2 and Day 3), and on the website of the Luxembourgish government. Of course, the Cour Grand Ducale also offers a gallery of pictures.

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