Saturday, June 18, 2011

Venetian Heritage Gala*

Yesterday it was time for a rare Luxembourgish Royal sighting. This doesn't apply so much for the gentleman on the right as for the one on the left.

This doesn't mean that Prince Jean isn't out and about attending events all the time, it just means that he is usually flying under the radar of the press and, therefore, it is quite hard to find updates about him.

Anyway, yesterday the Prince as well as his younger brother Prince Guillaume attended the Venetian Heritage Gala in Venice, Italy. Prince Guillaume acts as the International Chairman for Venetian Heritage, for more information about the organisation please have a look at the post about the Vianden Gala from a few weeks ago.

Alongside many other European royals and nobles, Prince Jean's second wife Diane was also in attendance. Unfortunately, I am not sure what her official title is. In the photos she is referred to as Princess of Luxembourg, at other events she is referred to as Princess Jean of Luxembourg or just de Nassau. Some media still call her by her maiden name de Guerre. I have also started further inquiries and hope to get an answer soon. She is never mentioned in Luxembourg or by the Cour Grand-Ducale.

Update: Prince Jean's wife Diane is officially styled Madame Diane de Guerre, without the surame de Nassau or any title.

More pictures can be found at the New York Social Diary website.

Source: New York Social Diary, Venetian Heritage

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