Thursday, December 15, 2011

An Audience And An Anniversary

Yesterday was a two engagement day for the Grand Duke. First off, he welcomed Victor F. Rashnikov at the palais for an audience. Prior to the meeting with Grand Duke Henri Mr. Rashnikov was sworn in as the Honorary Consul of Luxembourg in the Chelyabinsk of the Russian Federation. The cour has a mention and a photo of the audience, Tageblatt an article and the same photo. Later the same day, Grand Duke Henri attended the 50th anniversary celebration of the Union Luxembourgeoise des Consommateurs, the union for consumer protection. An article including photographs can be found on the website of the Lëtzebuerger Journal.

Sources: Cour Grand Ducale, Lëtzebuerger Journal, Tageblatt

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  1. Hello!

    You cand find some photos of the wedding of Princess Melanie of Ligne (grand-children of Princess Alix of Luxembourg) and M. Paul Weingarter on my blog :

    Princess Alix of Luxembourg, Princess Marie-Christine and his husban Archduke Carl-Christian were presents. It was on the 17th September 2011.

    Moreover, here the mass card of Princess Elisabeth of Luxembourg :