Friday, December 9, 2011

Reception At The Palace And A Concert

Yesterday afternoon, the Grand Duke, the Grand Duchess and the Hereditary Grand Duke held a reception at the palais for members of the Luxembourgish army and members of the Grand Ducal police who took part in humanitarian aid missions and/or peacekeeping missions and their families.

It is interesting to note that not only the military in Luxembourg is operating under the name of the reigning Grand Duke but that the same applies to the police as they are also under the ultimate control of the head of state. That is one of the reasons why the police also takes part in the military parade on National Day that celebrates the official birthday of the Grand Duke.

A gallery of pictures of the reception is available at the official website of the cour grand ducale.

In the evening, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa was scheduled to attend a christmas concert benefitting the SOS Children's Villages. So far no pictures have surfaced of this second event.

Sources: Cour Grand Ducale, Cour Grand Ducale

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