Friday, December 23, 2011

Double Engagement Announced!! ***

Yesterday in Brussles, the two eldest sons of Archduke Carl-Christian of Austria and his wife Archduchess Marie-Astrid (nee Princess of Luxembourg) announced their engagements.

Archduke Imre is engaged to Kathleen Walker a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. In 2008, she graduated cum laude from Northern Kentucky University with a degree in journalism and political science. She is the communications director for the Catholic Charities of the Arlington Virginia Diocese and is a member of the board of the Catholic Business Network of Northern Virginia. If you google her you will find quite a bit of information, as she is a prominent Pro-Life activist. The Archduke and Miss Walker met in October 2010.

Archduke Christoph has finally made his long expected engagement to 22 year old Adélaïde Drapé-Frisch official. Adélaïde is a graduate of the International School of Belgrade, Serbia and Institut Philanthropos in Fribourg, Switzerland. She is the daughter of Philippe Drapé-Frisch, a French diplomat assigned to the embassy in Saudi Arabia, and his wife Odile. The Archduke and Mlle. Drapé-Frisch have known each other since at least 2007.

Among the notable guests present for the announcement were prominent relatives of the Archdukes'; their paternal grandmother Archduchess Yolande, born Princess of Ligne; their great aunt, Queen Fabiola of Belgium; their maternal aunt, Princess Margaretha and her daughter Princess Marie-Astrid of Liechtenstein. Their paternal uncle Archduke Rudolf was accompanied by his wife, Archduchess Helene. Several their children were also recognizable from the photographs; Archduchess Pricilla, Archduke Franz Ludwig, Archduke Michael and Archduke Carl-Christian along with his wife Archduchess Estelle. Their Luxembourgish cousins Princess Alexandra, Prince Felix, Prince Louis, Prince Sebastien, Prince Carl, and Prince Constantin were in attendance. The bridegrooms siblings Archduke Alexander, Archduchess Gabriella and Archduchess Marie-Christine, who was accompanied by her husband Count Rodolphe and their son Count Leopold de Limburg-Stirum, were on hand to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Revue has published a few additional photos. For additional information about the couples and their short term plans I recommend visiting Stéphan Bern's website (you may have to go a few pages back in the news section).

Both ladies appear to have been given sapphire and diamond
engagement rings very similar to the one their father presented to their mother.

My fellow Luxaholics and I hope that both couples are blessed with happy unions.

We'll keep you posted as information and photos continue to become available.

Please don't send me messages about the grammatical mess of a paragraph where I listed the names of the relatives present. :)

Source: Tageblatt, Revue

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  1. Great news! Thanks for sharing.
    Perhaps, one more engagement for Hereditary GD will come soon.