Monday, December 5, 2011

Grand Ducal Couple To Attend Nobel Festivities

When you look at the agenda of the Grand Duke, the Grand Duchess and the Hereditary Grand Duke, you will see that a busy week lies ahead of them. I count eight events today and on the three days to come. The events that I am most looking forward to await us on the upcoming weekend.

In case you are a regular follower of European royalty or you are simply following the news, you will know that the Nobel Prizes in five different categories will be awarded this week. While the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony will be held in Norway, the other four will be awarded in the Swedish capital Stockholm.

This year's Nobel Prize in Medicine went to a group of three scientists, among them Luxembourgish-born Jules Hoffmann, who is now a French citizen because he had to give up his original and take up the French nationality when he entered civil service in France in 1970. Apparently, he still considers himself to be Luxembourgish. Thus, the head of state of Hoffmann's home country and his lovely wife got an invitation from the King and the Queen of Sweden to join them to be present for Hoffmann's big day.
Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa will be in Stockholm on next Saturday for the award ceremony and the following banquet, on Sunday they will attend the King's dinner for the Nobel Laureates at the royal palace in Stockholm. For the Swedish royal ladies both events include tiaras so I assume that we will also see a bit of bling bling on the head of the Grand Duchess.

Source: Cour Grand Ducale

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