Sunday, December 11, 2011

The King's Dinner

Today, the traditional day after King's dinner at the Royal Palace in Stockholm for this year's Nobel Laureates was held. As mentioned before, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa were among the guests.

The first pictures are available over at ANP, as I have no clue how to link the search I have done correctly just type "Nobel Dinner Sweden Royal Palace 2011" into the search box or simply copy and paste, in case you like the easier way, have a look at Belga. Bunte has pictures without watermarks on their frontpage.

The official website also has a mention of the Nobel festivities.

The Grand Duchess wore a golden evening gown, the Swedish Royal Order of the Seraphim and the Chaumet Diamond and Pearl Tiara that can also be worn as a choker, thus it is sometimes called Diamond and Pearl Choker Tiara. I give her a thumbs up for not wearing her hair down, which she has been so very prone to when wearing a tiara during the last couple of months or even years. Unfortunately, there are no close-ups available at the moment so no further judgement of the tiara and hair... The dress is nice though I can't help but think that I have seen that wrap/shawl/light jacket-like thing on her before.

No need really to say anything about the Grand Duke as he looked like he always does - very attractive.

I thought it was a nice touch that not only the Grand Duke wore the badge of the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau in addition to the Royal Order of the Seraphim but also the King and Queen of Sweden opted to do so.

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