Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nobel Prize Award Ceremony

Here we go, part one of our coverage of the Nobel Prize festivities. As you have probably overheard by now as it was mentioned a couple of times on the blog and a lot of other places, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa attended this year's Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm.

Interestingly, Luxembourg born scientist and one of this year's winners Jules Hoffmann said in an interview shown during today's coverage that he does not think that the Grand Ducal couple is there because of him. So should you ever read this Mister Hoffmann or should anyone of you ever happen to meet him by chance, tell him that they were in fact in Stockholm because of him, and not because they are related. Anyways, I suppose it does factor in that the Grand Ducal couple does seem to get along very well with the King and the Queen of Sweden.

As I did not watch the entire broadcasting, I can only rely on what I have heard: During the award ceremony itself the Grand Duke and Duchess were largely ignored by the TV cameras. They were seated next to Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnusson, the sister of King Carl XVI. Gustav. When I chipped in sometime during the dinner, both the Grand Duke and Duchess were shown a few times.

If you are, just like me, interested in fashion and all things sparkly, have a look at the lovely OoS as I only give you a rundown of what Grand Duchess Maria Teresa wore. First off, the Grand Duke looked dashing as always. Well, one does not really expect anything else as he kind of is the ageless wonder from Luxembourg, isn't he?!

The Grand Duchess wore the same red Elie Saab gown she wore for Will and Kate's pre-wedding dinner party back in April. She has the same dress in mint and also a few similar looking dresses from a couple of years ago and I like all of them. Though this red number is my favourite of all those dresses as the colour looks gorgeous on the Maria Teresa, alas non of the dresses was designed to go with a sash and it looks kind of awkward.

And I do have to agree with the OoS and a lot of people who said it, it looks (not just) a wee bit Christmasy together with the Chaumet Cabochon Emerald Tiara; yes, I do understand when you think of wonderwoman when you see it, though I like it better since today as I saw it in action, it really sparkles; and the Emerald Necklace/Bracelet Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte inherited from her mother Queen Astrid. I know christmas is just two weeks away but it is still too early for that (says someone who went to the christmas market today...).

And, I am not a fan of always wearing your hair straight with your tiara, sometimes it can look good but this time... I wished the Grand Duchess would have asked the lovely ladies from Sweden for the phone number of their hairdresser as Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria (and Princess Madeleine who wasn't in Stockholm today) have about the best tiara hair out there. If anything, the Grand Duchess is the living proof that a successful tiara appearance is the result of a symbiosis between the tiara itself, its positioning and the hair, in this case, I am sorry to say, it resulted in a hopeless fail. Well, it's not too late; please, just call the Swedish hairdresser for tomorrow, Your Royal Highness, cause everyone gets another chance at the day after King's dinner ;)

More pictures are available at Zimbio, Daylife, GettyImages, Belga and basically all over the internet. Just go to whichever photo agency you prefer and tip in Nobel Prize 2011 + Luxembourg and the goodies should pop up. You can rewatch the ceremony and the dinner over at SVT. For example, in the video called "Nobel 2011: Banketten, del 1 av 5" at about 12:00 the guests of honour arrive including the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess. You can see them a couple of times afterwards as well.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I always adore a showing of the wonderful Luxembourg jewels, good hair or not... ;)