Monday, February 27, 2012

More About the Weilburg Visit

Here we go again because by Luxembourg standards, there is an immense coverage about the visit the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess paid to the small German town of Weilburg an der Lahn last Saturday.

An article including an extensive gallery of visuals can be found at the Weilburger Nachrichten, the Nassauische Neue Presse also has an article. has an article including pictures and three videos; one about the day in general plus two interviews with the mayor of Weilburg Hans-Peter Schick and a member of the Bürgergarde. The English version of Wort does have an article as well.
Of course, the cour grand ducale also joined in with a mention and a picture gallery of the visit.
RTL covered the visit more extensively in yesterday's news programm (starting at 03:26), the preview is available, too. The video includes interviews with both the Grand Duchess and the Grand Duke.
A transcript of the speech Hans-Peter Schick, the mayor of Weilburg, gave in front of the new statue of Grand Duke Adolphe can be found here.

And because I was in the mood I shared another two of my visuals from Saturday ;)

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  1. You might be interested in a video that was uploaded on YouTube. May be you'll recognize yourself in the crowd that welcomed Their Royal Highnesses in Weilburg:
     Großherzog Henri von Luxemburg, Herzog von Nassau, in Weilburg