Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Prince Jean Attends Conference

Rare royal sighting alarm! Every once in a while we do find information about members of the grand ducal family who usually fly under the press radar. As you may know Prince Jean is the president of the CCBL, the Chamber of Commerce of Belgium and Luxembourg in France, and this capacity he attened the Soirée des Voeux 2012, an event marking the beginning of the new year, on January 24th.

In fact the CCBL brought out an even rarer royal sighting about six months ago. Venture over to the website of the chamber of commerce and have a look at the pictures of June 6th and in case you are an attentive observer, you have noticed by now that Prince Constantin accompanied his father for the summer soiree. What a delight! Who can we petition to make this happen more often? And while we are at it, can Connie please bring Wenceslas? And Carl? And I wouldn't mind Marie-Gabrielle either!

Source: CCBL

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