Friday, January 18, 2013

One Million and Counting

We recenly received our one millionth reader and we didn't even notice (at first). The blog had more than 85,000 readers in the final month of 2012 and, as you can imagine, in October we had nearly three times as many. This may not seem like much compared to other royal blogs who focus on the British and/or Monaco families and rake in a million readers every month. But, when you consider that our blog has an extremely narrow focus it is really amazing. We only cover Luxembourg's Grand Ducal Family with occasional bits on their Habsburg, Belgian and Liechtenstein relatives.

Our readership is overwhelmingly American with residents of Luxembourg coming in a very, very distant second followed by France and Germany with the UK rounding out the top five following nations. We are always amazed that so many Americans are interested in Luxembourg and the Grand Ducal Family.

We would like to thank everyone who contributes by sending us news, first hand coverage, photos, links and even gossip. We really appreciate it. And of course thank you to you, our dear readers, for coming back time and time again to read the latest news about the Grand Ducal Family here at Luxarazzi!!

We wish you a fabulous weekend!


  1. Many congratulations! You have found your niche, and long may we continue to enjoy your posts... Here's to the next million!

  2. Congratulations! Keep up the good work. I enjoy this blog very much.

  3. Thanks Emma and Kathy. We appreciate your support!!

  4. I love reading your blog and I hope someday to go to Luxembourg for a long visit.