Friday, January 18, 2013

Two Princes to Visit Luxembourg

Two heads of states have announced that they will be visiting the Grand Duchy soon. Between May 27th and June 1st, the 15th Games of the Small States of Europe will take place in Luxembourg. Both Prince Albert of Monaco and Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein have announced that they will attend the opening ceremony of the Games, as will be Luxembourg's own Grand Duke Henri.

The athletes from Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Monaco will be joined by sportsmen from Andorra, Cyprus, Iceland, Malta, Montenegro and San Marino. All of those nine countries have less than one million inhabitants each. The Games of the Small States of Europe take place every two years, the athletes compete in eleven different Summer Olympic sports.

Guillaume and Alexandra with Luxembourg Judo team who took home eight
out of eleven gold medals. (Photo: Exclusiv)

The Games last took place in Luxembourg in 1995. The Grand Ducal family regularly supports their country's athletes at the event. When it took place in Liechtenstein two years ago, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Princess Alexandra joined Liechtenstein's princely family in watching and cheering for the athletes. They were also on hand to hand out medals.

Source: Wort

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