Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Inaugural Mass of Pope Francis

Photo: Dutch Photo Press
This morning thousands and thousands of people gathered at Vatican to see Pope Francis give his inaugural mass in St Peter's Square. Among the guests were Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa who were accompanied by their second son Prince Félix and Luxembourgish prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker.

Other attendants included the Grand Duke's sister Princess Margaretha and her husband Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein who came alongside their nephew Hereditary Prince Alois and his wife Hereditary Princess Sophie.

While the Grand Duchess rocked her privilège du blanc, both Grand Duke Henri and Prince Félix wore regular business suits. Princess Margaretha wore black as all other women in attendance, save for her aunt Queen Paola of the Belgians, and her husband wore tailcoat, most probably as he is Liechtenstein's non-resident ambassador to the Holy See.

Photo: RTL
After the inaugural mass, the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess were among the dignitaries from 132 countries who were personally greeted by Pope Francis.

Wort has a gallery of visuals dedicated to the members of the Grand Ducal Family alone. More pictures can be found at Belga, APA, Tageblatt, RTL, Dutch Photo Press and basically all over the internet.

You can see Grand Duchess Maria Teresa greeting the Prince and Princess of Monaco in this AP Video (starting at 0:16), the whole event can be rewatched on the Youtube channel of the Vatican (you can see the members of the family at around 28:23, for example).

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