Sunday, March 3, 2013

Photobook About the Liechtenstein's

A photobook about the Princely Family of Liechtenstein has just been published. The 286 pages strong book with the title "Die Fürstliche Familie von Liechtenstein: eine Fotoreportage" is available for 50 Swiss francs or 42 euros via Amazon.

Princess Maria-Anunciata and Princess Marie-Astrid (Photo: 1 FL News)
The author Uve Harder has been friends with Prince Hans-Adam II for a long time, he first had the idea to publish a book about the family about ten years ago. The book basically starts with the wedding of the reigning prince and his wife née Marie Countess Kinsky of Wchinitz and Tettau.

The first part of the book introduces the family members, Prince Hans-Adam and family, Prince Philipp and family, Prince Nikolaus and family - this is why the book made it onto the blog - as well as Princess Nora and family. Meanwhile the second part is dedicated to show their interaction with the country's population. So it is not a book full of portraits but of the family in action, with a focus on the years 1993 to 2012.

I haven't had a chance to have an actual look at the book; if you have, please let us know if it is any good.

Source: 1 FL News

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