Sunday, August 3, 2014

Guillaume Takes Over Grand Duke's Duties

While checking the news yesterday to find pictures of the World War I commemoration in Luxembourg, I wondered why Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume was the one carrying out the engagement as I seemed to recall that the Grand Duke himself was supposed to. Indeed I was right; in the press information sent out in mid-July, Grand Duke Henri was the one scheduled to attend the event alongside Prime Minister Xavier Bettel. However at some point in time, the agenda on the website of the cour was changed to announce the Hereditary Grand Duke's attendance.

Turns out, it will also be Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume who will represent the Grand Duchy at the First World War memorial in the Belgian town of Liège tomorrow. Belgian officials have sent out a list of high foreign representatives announcing S.A.R. le Prince Guillaume, Grand-Duc Héritier as the guest from Luxembourg. The Belgian court has reconfirmed that it was not a mistake. As she is neither mentioned of the official guest list nor was her mother-in-law supposed to accompany the Grand Duke, don't expect to see Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie in Liège tomorrow.

Here's hoping that whatever makes Grand Duke Henri cancel his events is not too severe and that he will make a quick recovery (as I assume that he is sick).

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