Saturday, August 16, 2014

P.S. Pictures, Videos and More

Photos: Liechtensteiner Vaterland /
Waiting for pictures and videos of Liechtenstein's national day to become available is always a bit of a trial of patience but this year seems like a special ordeal, it probably doesn't help that yesterday was a Friday, thus today a Saturday, which is not a workday but weekend. However, as we don't want to leave you waiting, here we go with those links already available. (The post will be updated with more pictures and videos whenever they became available, so make sure to check back later!)

While Vaterland offers galleries of visuals of the act of state and the garden party as well as the fair in Vaduz, Volksblatt has one of the morning activities and another gallery of the evening ones (if you skip ahead behind the 52 firework photos in the beginning).

Video-wise Austrian ORF has a short report about national day, as do Swiss SRF and Swiss TVO. 1 FL TV has videos of Hereditary Prince Alois's speech as well as the speech of the President of Parliament. As every year, they also had a broadcast including interviews with various people, usually including members of the Princely Family, but that one isn't available online yet.

As not an awful lot of photos and videos especially of yesterday evening have been published yet, it's a bit hard to tell which family members were out and about to mingle with the people at the fair last night. Prince Hans-Adam and Princess Marie as well as Hereditary Prince Alois and Hereditary Princess Sophie were certainly there as they, among other things, welcomed 104-year-old German tourist Eleonora Kastner from Berlin to the Principality. "Granny Ella", as she is called, already spent her 101th birthday three years ago in Liechtenstein and has visited the country nine times since. She was especially delighted to meet the Hereditary Princess as both of them were born in Bavaria.

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