Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Alois and Sophie Watch Skiing Race

Photo: Screenshot / Volksblatt
Hereditary Prince Alois (wearing the volunteer's gear) and Hereditary Princess Sophie visited Malbun today where they viewed the girl's alpine slalom of the European Youth Olympic Games (EYOF) currently taking place in Liechtenstein and Vorarlberg, the neighbouring state in Austria. Malbun is a ski-resort village in the Principality's municipality of Triesenberg. While there, the Hereditary Princely Couple gave an interview to Volksblatt, see below. 

In it, Hereditary Prince Alois talks about being impressed by the performances of all the skiers including those from more exotic countries, being happy to be the ones to hand out the medals as he participated in a number of Malbun-based ski races when he was a child and teenager, and the difference in size of the EYOF and the Games of the Small States of Europe. Hereditary Princess Sophie, meanwhile, talks about being impressed by the girls' performances as well and not being in anyway a good enough skier to race with them.

As said in the interview, Hereditary Prince Alois also handed out the medals after the slalom race. The gold medal went to Leona Popovic of Croatia ahead of Katharina Gallhuber (Austria) and Aline Danioth (Switzerland).

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