Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Liechtenstein Tiara Championship: Group A, Round 1

Time for our first vote in the Liechtenstein Tiara Championship; to learn about all the details and read what Ella of the Court Jeweller had to say about all the tiaras in the LTC, please have a look at our previous post.  Facing off against each other in Group A in five rounds are six tiaras from the vaults of the (extended) Princely Family of Liechtenstein, namely (first row from the left) the Habsburg Fringe Tiara, Princess Franziska's Diamond Tiara, the Diamond Honeysuckle Tiara, (second row from the left) the Douglas Floral Tiara, Princess Elsa's Diamond Tiara and Princess Marie's Wedding Gift Tiara. Please cast three votes below, each time for your favourite of the two tiaras.

Princess Franziska's Diamond Tiara vs. Habsburg Fringe Tiara

Diamond Honeysucke Tiara vs. Princess Marie's Wedding Gift Tiara

Douglas Floral Tiara vs. Princess Elsa's Diamond Tiara

Voting closes on Sunday.

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